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Academy Faq2019-09-18T19:23:32+09:00

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Admission Information
Admission Information



Q. Test Period2019-09-18T18:39:03+09:00

The test is held once a month for elementary school graders and before summer and winter vacation for middle school graders, and the schedule will announce on the homepage in advance.

Q. Test Method2019-09-18T18:38:33+09:00

The test takes place in the order of document screening → practical test → parent interview. Players who have passed the document screening can participate in the practical test. The practical test focuses on the basics assessment, which assesses the ability to handle the ball, such as ball control, dribbling, lifting, and passing, as well as the potential for football players.

Q. Test target2019-09-18T18:40:08+09:00

2nd graders through 6th graders in elementary school. Also, junior high school students can enter through a separate examination and high school students are not eligible.

Q. When to join2019-09-18T18:44:24+09:00

Players and parents who pass the test will decide when to enter after the school and parents have fully discussed when they can transfer and move.

Q. Moving and Transfer2020-05-19T10:40:20+09:00

SFA is required to move to Chuncheon as a member. That is because the Academy’s principle is to live with parents for children’s lifestyles and character development. Therefore, please fully consider moving and transferring to Chuncheon and participate in the test. However, accommodation is only available for middle school students.
Besides, elementary & middle school students are free to enter schools near where they move.

Q. Training time2019-09-18T18:46:44+09:00

The training of SFA is from 16 to 18 on Monday through Saturday. Players complete their classes at their school and train for 2 hours each day after school.

Q. Vacation and Holiday Training Hours2019-09-18T18:47:11+09:00

Training hours may change during vacations and holidays, so please check with the SFA’s internal community.

Q. How to get to the training ground2019-09-18T18:47:36+09:00

There is no service from the SFA. Currently, players are either travelling personally or by carpool amongst nearby players. Please consider transportation when moving or transferring.

Q. Participate in the contest2019-09-18T18:48:16+09:00

SFA has the principle that young players will not join external matches to their grades. Therefore, the competition only participates in the annual futsal competition and one or two overseas club competitions.

Q. Career2020-05-19T10:41:42+09:00

Our Academy has youth players of all ages, from second graders to middle school students. As a student’s grade increases, he will grow into a global football talent through a variety of experiences as well as the basics. In addition, if the player works with passion and persistence, there are various opportunities.